Text: A.S.H. Pelikan • 1976
[Textüberarbeitungen: 1983, 2016, 2017, 2021]

für Cordula

1) What shall I do when I fall in love with you
shall I write a song for you
and dream of things that I could do
like simply trying to talk with you

2) What shall I do when I wanna touch you, baby
shall I wait and stand the pain
that everything might be in vain
or shall I tell you how I want you

3) What shall I do when I wanna kiss you, baby
shall I hold your hand in mine
and hope for just a little sign
or shall I do what I’d like to do

4) What shall I do when we wake up in the morning
shall I say that I love you
or simply look at you
or shall I come closer to feel your heartbeat

5) What shall I do when I want you no more
shall I go and leave you, baby
or tell lies and stay
or shall I thank you for each and every day

6) What shall I do when I can see the end
even if nothing has begun
except to write this song
while I’m falling in love with you
yes, I’ve fallen in love with you