Text: A.S.H. Pelikan • 1977

Who are you
I know there is a kind of glass-blue-suede-blue in your eyes
who is me
the one I thought to know, glass-blue-truth or blue-suede-lies

So I’m sitting playing mind games with brother death
please help me hiding away
into life

Lonely Duisburg Desperados only come out at night
you’ll see them wearing black velvet jackets for the fight
with the night

And daylight seems to shine shadows of helplessness away
till the end of the day
that’s the time when the desperado is born
born to die in the new down-town dawn

Looking for a silver blue
that’s the colour of my mind, you know, ′cause you
used to paint the walls of my mind silver
and later silver and blue

Nights when I sing a song for you
nights when I wake up crying for you
nights when I need a song to be sung for me
nights when I stay awake in my bed
and when the morning comes there’s no more fear
′cause my head is gone and so’s the tear
of the night