Text: A.S.H. Pelikan • 1976

Talkin′ ′bout Duisburg City, better known as Blues City
it′s a pity, this city doesn′t look pretty
I′m living in this city for oh so long
and I ain′t lookin′ pretty, I′m coming from Blues City

Down in Blues City you don′t need no cocaine
take a sniff of the air and you′re feeling the same
the people are hangin′ ′round, don′t know what to do
they′re all so fucked up naturally stoned, and that′s true

Blues City, I′m a child of you
Blues City, I will follow you
Blues City, you taught me
how to cry with the blues
how to lie with the blues
how to see with sad lookin′ eyes
when I′ve got the blues

Talkin′ ′bout, talkin′ ′bout, talkin′ ′bout Blues City