Text: A.S.H. Pelikan • 1981

1) I was walking down the street one day
when I saw something nice
a pretty girl came walking
ooh, what a great surprise

2) So I stopped and stared and looked at her
and as she came along
I said: baby, you’re a pretty girl
let me be your strong king kong

3) Then she took me by the hand and said:
I love you, too
since the age of nine, oh yeah
I’ve been walking through the streets
looking for a guy like you

4) So I took her home:
Mommy, daddy, this is Suzie Q.
we’re gonna marry next week on monday
I hope you can come, too

5) Now we have four children
and everthing’s alright
and when I’m tired in the evening
I go to bed and say good night
– that’s life