Text: A.S.H. Pelikan • 1982

Take a look around you and tell me what you see, oh yeah
no directions
so if you got no directions, too, welcome to Chilligoo

Take a look inside you and tell me what you see, oh yeah
no directions
so if you got no directions, too, welcome to Chilligoo

Meanwhile Al Hollywood, the video ape
is producing a brand new video tape
he has got Mr. Kissmer and Motte’s little sister
and the lights are dim and the girl says:
ooh, kiss me, Kissmer
and Willie goes…
and the girl says: ooh, kiss me again, Kissmer
and Willie goes…

Meanwhile in a music hall, the band is doing their show
waiting for the audience to get up and go

Meanwhile in another music hall, about a zero yards away
the audience is waiting for the band to play

Ladies & gentlemen, right now we’ve got a special surprise for you
in a few moments you will get the chance
to find out why you are here tonight
so close your eyes, lean back in your seat
keep your mouth shut and your ears wide open
just relax, relax, and you will get
through tonights program and feel nothing at all
meanwhile the first band is getting ready
drinking Coca Cola, tuning their Starhale guitars
brushing their teeth, looking good
two ugly guitar players, one noisy drum kid
and a charming bass player, ready to perform
ladies & gentlemen, and here they are
right out of the ghetto and just for you:
Al & the Hollywood Rats

Tja, und weil wir gerade hier stehen, sagen wir mal ‘n Gedicht auf oder so
und das ist von Al Hollywood und heißt “The Artist”:
Nobody understands the artist
the artist knows it well
one hour on stage is heaven
one minute at home is hell

Meanwhile in a Volkswagen bus in North Austria on the way to South Africa
Mr. Hollywood and Ellen and Mike Gosen are singing together:
Crossing boarders at night, driving through mountains
following our headlights, looking for fountains
to wash our feet, ′cause we are wearing tennis shoes
and that makes our noses get the blues

Ellen and Mike were pretty looking people
but I can tell you, people, I couldn’t stand their smell
so I took Ellen one night right out behind a mountain
but we couldn’t find a fountain, so we had a fight
later on, I went back to the car
and I said, come on, Mike, I wanna show you something
we don’t have to walk that far

Ellen and Mike, they lived a lot together
and finally together they died…
so we had to look for a new drummer
and that’s the end of the song